Tee Line Saturday League

TeeLine Saturday league


The Inaugural TeeLine Saturday league will consist of a 5-week round robin league with up to 6 teams, with a one-week championship.

Registration: League has already started, please email leagues@nashvillecurlingclub.com with questions.


The league will begin on Dec 11 and will have its championship Feb 5. There will be a two week break for Christmas and New Year’s. All games will begin at 10AM Saturday mornings and will have a play time of 1 hour and 30 minutes. After time is called, teams will be allowed to finish their current end, with a hard stop at 1 hour and 45 minutes, to allow for ice prep. It is important that all players be available during the scheduled game days and times, as this is a set schedule. We request that all teams check in at least 15 minutes before gametime with the League Manager, or Ice Manager.

There will be a League Meet and Greet on Dec 8 at Tee Line. This is where the teams will be revealed and give everyone a chance to meet their fellow league members and learn about the league, Tee Line and NCC. This is also where the team Skip will need to be determined and provided to the league manager. This is a great opportunity to pay league fees if not already handled.


All prices are including a guaranteed 6 game schedule (5 league games and championship week)

Non-NCC members: $250/person

NCC Members: $200/person

Deadline for payment is midnight, Dec 7th. League fee must be paid in full to guarantee a spot on a team. Payment options will be made available on the nashvillecurlingclub.com website or with an NCC member.


Teams will be built from individual submitters (“free agents”) and will have a minimum of 3 players and a maximum of 5 players (4 on-ice and one alternate). Each team will have at least one member that has at least 2 years’ experience in curling. Teams will be assigned at random, but players can submit a request to play with one other player on their team (these requests will be honored based on needs of filling teams for the league).

Saturday league is currently capped at 6 teams and 30 players (5 players/team). Any requests once those 30 slots are filled will be added to the waitlist.

Teams will be revealed at the Meet and Greet on Dec 8. If you are unable to attend the Meet and Greet, please email Nashvillecurlingclub@gmail.com Attn: League Manager, and arrangements will be made to have your team information emailed.

Team names must be submitted to League Manager before beginning of the first league game. Any teams not submitting a team name will be issued the team name based on their Skip’s last name (i.e. Team Smith).


If a team is assigned an alternate (5th) player, that player can either be used at the beginning of the game to replace a missing or injured player or will be swapped out for another member of the team after each end. Players can change their delivery order as needed, but in the case of a swap, the alternate player would assume the delivery order of player they are replacing (i.e. alternate is swapped for the Second at the end of the 3rd End, that player will now be throwing in Second position). If all players are present for the beginning of the game, then ALL players must be used during the game.

If a team is not issued an alternate, and a player is unable to attend a game, the team may option to play with only 3 players, using a 3-3-2 Stone delivery.


Teeline Saturday League gameplay will be in accordance with the rules and regulations set forth by the USCA. There will be at least one TeeLine employee or NCC member on hand during the games to assist with any disputes or questions that may arise during the game.

Teams must have a minimum of three players present and ready to play at the 10AM mark. If you are unable to attend one of the games, it is required that the League Manager be notified by email at least 2 hours prior to game start, as well as the other members of your team. Teams will be allowed to play with 3 members, but no fewer. If there are not a minimum of 3 players, then it is considered a forfeit for that team. If a player shows up late, they may be added to the game at the start of the next end from when they arrive but must play the Lead position.

Stick Curling

Stick curling will be allowed during league play with the following concessions:

  1. Delivery must begin with at least one foot in the hack

  2. Stone must be released from the stick before crossing the hog line

  3. No sweeping is allowed during stick delivery, with the exception of by the opposing team once the stone crosses the teeline.


TeeLine will make available all necessary equipment needed to accommodate up to 24 players at the same time, including but not limited to brooms, sliders and grippers. Players are welcomed and encouraged to bring their own personal curling equipment, provided it meets all USCA requirements.


Ranking for league championship will be determined on the win/loss record for each team, with the tiebreaker being result of head-to-head play. For example: Team A and Team B Both have a 4-1 record, but when they played each other in league, Team B beat Team A. Therefore, Team B is the higher ranking.